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The KB Learning team has extensive experience using a variety of media to build blended learning and performance support solutions. Solutions that ensure the people in your organization have the knowhow and the skills to drive success. If you aspire to know more please click on one of the links below:

Demo 1:
Health and Human Services
Women Infants and Children (WIC)

As result of a several changes in regulatory policy and program rules, the State of Nebraska’s Health and Human Services had a need to develop a series of training programs targeting retail grocery stores, store cashiers and WIC clients. The program included the following elements:

  • Vendor retailer training materials
  • Casher training toolkit
  • WIC client training support materials
  • Web site support

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Demo 2:
The California State University

California State University asked us to put together interactive training to effectively and efficiently reach the 180,000 employees on each of the 23 campuses in the university system. One of the courses created was training on the University’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program. CSU is required to provide training to all employees on the IIPP components and to inform them of their role in creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Our goal was to design a training course that was both effective in achieving the stated objectives and interactive (no yawning allowed)! This course was developed in conjunction with one of our technical partners, Monarch Media, Inc.

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Demo 3:
The United States Department of Education

In February, 2010, KnowledgeBank was awarded a strategic project to support the implementation of the Department of Education’s 2010 Human Capital Management Priorities. As part of these efforts a need was identified to create a Supervisors and Managers Toolkit. The focus of the toolkit was to bring together all the essential HR related policies, processes and forms in to one easy to use reference and performance support solution. The toolkit was delivered to 150 select mangers and supervisors in the summer of 2010 at a department-wide leadership symposium.

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Demo 4:
The Ohio Soybean Council -- USDA

The Ohio Soybean Board is an extension of USDA AMS and is focused on the research, promotion and education in the state of Ohio. As a way to reach farmers across the state the KB Learning team developed SoyOhio.Tv. This unique and highly successful application leverages the use of internet technologies and video to delivery communication and educational programming.

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